Valentine's Day gift ideas for your geek

Anyone can go to Walmart and buy a generic box of chocolates and a depressing bouquet of flowers. To really impress your valentine, you need to earn the power of love.

Whether you are finding a new gift for your significant other or trying to impress your crush, captivate your valentine's pixelated heart with some of these gifts: 

Custom Controllers 

Sure, you could buy your honey a sweet custom controller from a website like Imagine Customs, or you can save yourself $40+ and customize a brand new controller yourself.

Sometimes less is more.
All you'll need for this is a brand new controller, sharpies and stickers. Carefully open the box - you'll want to keep this to wrap the controller later. Then decorate to your heart's desire!

On my boyfriend's controller, I wrote phrases he says when he games and drew cool designs.*

If you are worried about mixing and matching colored sharpies, I recommend purchasing a black controller. Since only metallic colored sharpies will show up, you can keep your color scheme simple.

*If the gamer receiving this gift likes to play for hours on end or has sweaty hands, the sharpie will fade after a few months. This happened to my boy's controller.

Video game box valentine 

Instead of going out to an overcrowded movie or playing Black Ops 2 until the point of frustration, take a second and try a new game knowing little to nothing going in.

Rule Japan with me?
If you weren't planning on giving a game - presumably because your valentine already owns all the titles worth having - think again. Co-op video games make for great gifts, especially when they are only $9.99.

Take the time to stroll through the used games section of GameStop, pick up a co-op game, use your smartphone to look up a few reviews and go out on a limb and buy something random. This is how my boyfriend and I kicked our Modern Warfare 3 rage.

Once you've chosen a game, do something cute with the cover. If you manage to pick up a game with the original case, do something simple like a word bubble from one of the characters on the box art or add a decorative heart boarder. Not only will this serve as a cute substitute for a valentine, but it also marks the game as something special between you and that person.

If you are feeling truly creative, take the box art cover out of the sleeve and decorate the white side with a poem, cute drawing, collage... the possibilities are endless.

Quick gifts

If you are short on time, here are some easy to order gifts for the geek of your life:

Geek jewelry

Easy, classic, jewelry. It's difficult to go wrong with one of these bad boys.

Potion necklaces via GeekyCauldrons
Energy sword earrings via LicketyCut

Geek plushes

These cute plushes come at a high price, but they are well worth it. 

Salvador the Gunzerker via Cyberscribe
Crochet moogle via amiamour

Geek figure with a lovey dovey quote

Collectible vinyl figures from Funko are adorable! They make for great desk companions.

Khal Drogo vinyl via Amazon
Cortana vinyl via Amazon

When writing out your Valentine's Day card, keep a theme by writing something relevant to your gift. For example, if you are giving Khal Drogo, write 'to the moon of my life.' Reversely if you are giving Daenerys, write 'to my sun and stars.'

Of course, all these gifts go great with chocolate.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?