Website Feature: TeeFury

I am the worst compulsive buyer, especially if the product is video game related. I've had reoccurring dreams of stumbling into shops with piles of The Legend of Zelda and Sailor Moon gear, in which I purchase just about everything in the store. Today, one of the many geek newsletters I follow posted a picture of this:

I absolutely love Adventure Time, and even more so, Link! This is a design for a shirt from TeeFury.com and it was practically screaming my name. So, naturally, I bought it. That was the fastest $10 I've seen fly out of my pocket in quite a long time. And I don't think it will be the last.

TeeFury has a unique way of operating business. For one, it only has a single t-shirt for sale, but each day it changes. Once the day is over, the shirt design is no longer offered. The designs can be an artistic rendition of just about anything in pop-culture or a unique art concept. The shirt is only $10, no sales tax with four different levels of shipping starting as low as $2.50. So, for only $12.50, you can walk around your home/park/office/spy base/campus and flaunt a unique shirt that only you and only a few  people own.

Another marvelous feature of this website is it promotes the artists who design the shirts. According to the TeeFury website, the artists are given $1 for every shirt of their's that is sold and they keep all rights to their design. So, if they decide to sell their design elsewhere for a more expensive price, they may do so. Also, each artist has a small profile next to their designs that gives consumers an insight to the inspiration for the design and the artists.

If you are ready to get your hands on some awesomely cheap apparel, keep up with the TeeFury website, or watch this website to see what other awesome video game related shirts they post. I promise to keep an eye out for you!

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Everyday Video Game: Mario

I apologize for the late post, but this particular entry required some groundwork. 

Perhaps one most merchandised character on the market, right next to Mickey Mouse and Spongebob, is Mario. At any given time one can find Mario products at nearly any major retailer. From clothes to bedding, Mario is everywhere. 

This past Halloween there were so many different Mario costumes on the market, practically everyone in the family could have dressed up as the plump plumber. 

Party City has kept these costumes at their original price, ranging from $19.99 - $49.99. In the summer, some of these costumes may go on sale. 

For those who simply can't wait till Halloween, head over to your local Target. That's right, Target. In my last 'Everyday Video Game,' I presented different Pac-Man products that stray from the norm. Although those items were unique, they were not available in the same place you purchase makeup or bedding. What sets the Mario merchandise apart is its availability. Target had over thirty Mario products in their store.   

One of the easiest places to find Mario in a department store, aside from the electronics section, is in the boy's, junior's or men's section. Here is what Target had to offer.

This was the only shirt left in the Boy's section for $8.99, although I did see price tags for other styles available. In the Men's section, there were quite a few more options for only a dollar more at $9.99. 

If you were wanting something more than a T-shirt, here's a little something extra. You may not fit in them though. The 3 piece Mario pajama set is  $16.99 and the swim trunks are $14.99. 

Alright, enough with the clothes. Practically every major video game has a basic t-shirt. But how many of those characters can boast about their face on a fruit snack? Chomp down on some Mario fruit snacks for only $2.04. 

Nintendo didn't stop there. They put Mario and his co-stars on collectable racers ($3.99), a backpack ($17.49), a micro blanket, ($24.99), in a cartoon ($5.99), a 'cuddle' plush ($19.99)  and in K'nex Mario Kart themed building sets and karts (2.99 - $54.99). Once again, all of these products are available at Target. 

If these items weren't enough to satisfy your Mario craving, check out Walmart, HotTopic, JCPenny and Kohl's for even more Mario related apparel, bedding and novelties. 

Do you think all these Mario products make Nintendo a sellout, or are these products fun ways to make Mario a household name? Let me know what you think! 

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Fourkiller against 'violence'

I live in a very silly state. Here, tattoos used to be banned, it's frowned upon to take a bite out of someone else's burger and it's illegal to pretend to have sex with a buffalo. I was running on the treadmill last week when I heard disturbing news that would happen in a strange state like Oklahoma. Representative William Fourkiller proposed HB 2696, a bill that would charge a 1 percent tax on any video game with the ESRB ratings Teen, Mature and Adult-Only.

According to Fourkiller, these are 'violent' games that encourage obesity and bullying among children. The funds would go to Oklahoma's Childhood Outdoor Education Revolving Fund to fight obesity and the Bullying Prevention Revolving Fund. Although these are good causes, the bill is full of holes and the tax is unjust. 

Firstly, how can one say that all Teen games are violent? Even then, what can be considered as "violence"? Is the booty-shaking in Dance Central 2 too "violent" for children to be participating in? Maybe the intense strumming in Rock Band or Guitar Hero games is too intense. Even if there is violence in a Teen game, it is not the same kind you would encounter in a Mature game. This is a flaw many critics of the HB 2696 have pointed out. 

Secondly, why video games? Movies, books and music can be just as, if not even more disturbing than video games. Fourkiller claimed in his interview with KFOR that it is not his intention to target video games, but everything he has said goes against that. So far, it seems he has no good explanation. 

William Fourkiller's bill had it's first reading yesterday. If this bill is passed, it will be effective as soon as July 1. With as much scrutiny this bill has undergone, I doubt it will be. 

Here is the interview Fourkiller had last week with KFOR. Check it out and tell me what you think about this proposal: 


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Everyday Video Game: Pac-Man

Video game merchandise has evolved past the simple t-shirt, poster, or figurine. It has become an entire industry that allows us to bake with Pac-Man oven mitts and cuddle with Pikachu Pillow Pets. Every week I plan on featuring awesome video game merchandise that can be used in everyday life. Why stop enjoying the characters we love when we turn off the television?

This week's theme is Pac-Man!

Now we finally get to know the gratification Pac-Man feels when chomping on Pinky, Inky, and Blinky and Clyde's redish-orange lovechild. You can find these cookie cutters at fredflare.com on-sale for $9.99! 

Careful now, you wouldn't want to burn your precious gaming hands while trying to pull that scorching hot pan out of the oven! Keep your babies safe with this nifty Pac-Man 'Potholder'.

Although it would be more appropriately called an oven mitt - who is really going to grab a pot with this - it works on your ovenware all the same! Thinkgeek.com is offering this novelty item for $14.99.

For any situation, a true gamer knows to be prepared for the worst.

 Keep an extra potion on hand, a spare fairy in your last bottle, or maybe a pack of Pac-Man bandaids in your back pocket. You know, just in case you burn yourself. Your training from Cooking Mama never got this serious. But don't worry, our people over at fredflare.com have got us covered for $9.50.

Happy baking!

Have you seen any interesting items? Let me know!

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