Who are you? 

I'm a Whovian, twin, Pegasister, Moonie, older sister, girlfriend, college student, receptionist, cosplayer, editor, pet lover, designer, painter, writer, band nerd/geek and most importantly, a gamer.

I'm pretty much the epitome of a nerd, with a little bit of lace and gloss thrown in for decoration. In addition to playing video games and geeking out over Doctor Who and Sailor Moon, I am a college student at the University of Oklahoma, majoring in Journalism with a minor in Japanese.

For my more professional work, please visit my class blog Goings about the Ovals.

Why are you doing this? 

Since I was young, I've always had a passion for video games and writing. One day I picked up a copy of Game Informer and realized I could fuse my two favorite things together; that's when I decided to become a video game journalist. Ultimately, it is my dream to write for the entertainment website IGN.com or Game Informer. I created this blog as an outlet to rant about video game culture and lifestyle.

What's with the name? 

Once upon a time, this blog was named Platform Girls. I used platform to refer the type of game - like the old school Mario Bros. - the type of high heel and the word used to ask what sort of medium one plays their game on.

After awhile, the name wore on me. Although the name was plural, there was really only one girl writing on this site and I can't even walk for long periods of time in the heels I was promoting. So, I decided to redo the name entirely.

I wanted to keep the name video game related, but at the same time I wanted it to have a splash of femininity. For some unknown reason, I began to think about controllers, the buttons controllers have in common and science got thrown in there some how.

So, you know how every woman has two X chromosomes and every man has an X and a Y? I decided to use that to my advantage and ta-da! Press X Twice. Two X's = woman.

Can we play together? 

Absolutely! I always need more friends on Xbox Live. Head over to the contact page for more information.