In-flight Movie... or Not.

This past Saturday I made my very long departure with my family to venture off to the marvelous land of Hawaii!On our third flight of the day which took us from LAX to Kona, Hawaii, they began to show the recently released movie, Jane Eyre. Having no interest to watch, I neglected the screen. Hours later once the movie had ended and the featured NBC sitcoms had passed, I glanced up to the monitor for no apparent reason and saw a logo that forced me to plug in my headphones immediately into the seat.

 Out of all the programs, especially since it was provided by NBC, I was shocked to see this little baby pop-up. It featured a three minute report on the events that happened this year at E3 hosted by X-Play's Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb. The report included footage of the Wii U, Sony Vita, comments on Uncharted 3 (mainly about its notable storyline/writing) and to throw Microsoft into the mix, a brief mention of Gears of War 3.

Considering this was space for NBC programs, I was surprised to see this little feature included and I'm glad I caught it! Hopefully they'll continue to feature bits of gaming shows (or whats left of them) from G4 that will promote the gaming industry.

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