Gears Midnight Launch! Pt.1

Today, International Talk Like a Pirate day was overshadowed by a bigger phenomena: the midnight launch date of Gears of War 3.

As I type these words scores of fans are waiting outside their local Gamestops, Hastings, and other video game retailers all over the nation. It's 9:28 and I myself am waiting outside my local Gamestop.

The lights in the surrounding shops are off but the weather is pleasant. Unsurprisingly, I am the only girl who is actually purchasing the game in this line. There is one other girl, but she's just sitting here with her boyfriend. I'm about the tenth person in line and the glow from the gamestop window is calling my name.

I'll be honest. I did not pre-order the game, but from this I learned some interesting information: you can pre-order a game up until the day before the release date. If the store is holding a midnight launch, however, you can't pre-order it the night of the midnight launch BUT they will sell it to you. You just get to wait in line like everyone else but you won't receive the exclusive content for pre-ordering the game. It's not such a bad deal. I still go the 'I'm going commando' bumper sticker!

An employee just brought out one of the TV stands with the glowing Xbox 360 logo on it. Its time to get our game on!


  1. Hey, I remember that. It was this morning. I missed class because I worked during the midnight launch.

  2. Ah, so you got to work the launch? Missing class is never a good thing.