MW3 Launch: An Overview

I thought falling in a hole was bad. The MW3 launch event was far more intense than the Gears 3 midnight launch and definitely wetter. Here are some pictures from the night:

Around 9:30 two store copies of MW3 were put into an Xbox and PS3. Through out the night gamers of all ages popped in and out of the store to get a sneak peak at the campaign. A few probably went in to escape the weather. 

This guy held open the door for several hours - a task meant for the GameStop employees. He also handed out flyers and greeted people as they came in the door! This gamer arrived at the store around 6:00 to wait for his pre-ordered copy of MW3 and was first in line.  

One thing I really appreciated about both of the launches I have attended is the tremendously helpful GameStop staff! Bringing a camera into any sort of store can be a risk but these guys and girls invited it. They also were great when disclosing information about what goes on behind the scenes and making sure customers had what they needed in order to get their game. Awesome staff! Also, they remembered me! 

Here are two of the decent pictures I took of the insane weather. I wasn't able to get a picture of the back of the building where a bulk of the people were waiting. I know they got hit the worst, they didn't have a sidewalk to stand on or an awning to stand under. 

I expected this release to be more popular than the Gears release but I wasn't expecting this number of people! There were so many people that the end of the line was right by the doors - just a few feet away from the beginning of the line.


Overall, I enjoyed the MW3 launch better than the Gears 3 launch. Standing in my drenched boots in the cold rain with a hundred other gamers made receiving the game more gratifying. I felt like I earned it. 

Sometime in the next week or so I plan on posting a review on the Elite service. Is it really worth it? 

Yours truly, 

P.S. Did you get the game at midnight? If so, how did it go and what do you think of the game? 

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