Magazine Clipping Art

Over my spring break, I got a little crafty. Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect mashup of your favorite games/movies/books/cartoons, so I decided to make one of my own.

I am a diehard Moonie (Sailor Moon Fan) and Zelda fan, so I decided to bring those two loves together in this unique piece of art: 

I made this little beauty out of magazine clippings that gives it a unique shine and texture. I absolutely love how it turned out. While I was at it, I made this one for my boyfriend: 

Interested in making your own magazine masterpiece? Here's how you do it: 

1. Sketch out a draft of the image you want to make. But keep in mind, curves can be difficult if they are small and take more time to fill in. 

2. Layer the scratch sheet on top of the card stock and retrace the image, making sure you press hard enough so there are imprints on the car stock. 

3. Trace the imprints with your pencil. 

4. Look through your magazines and find colors to fill in your picture. Then, cut them out.

5. Try to find patterned colors as well, such as fluffy pillows for white or a fading background. Patterns will give texture to your pictures. 

6. Begin gluing your clippings onto the card stock. If you have a lot of background area, try covering that first, but try to keep some space around the drawn image. You'll fill those spaces in later.

7. After filling in the details (Like I did with the moon and triforce), fill in the blank spaces with the background color. For curves and straight lines, try to cut background pieces to help form the borders of the image to make clean edges and smooth curves.

 8. Once the image is filled in, add details. I cut out stars with my mom's precision scissors. Adding words also make for a nice touch. 

9. After adding the details of your choosing, find a frame, put in your masterpiece and hang it up. 

10. Take a picture of it and post it here. I'd love to see what you create! 

Yours truly, HavokRose 


  1. Very Nice! Great instructions on how to do this. I love your color choices.