Press X Twice

You may have noticed something is a little bit different about this website. Yes, you are still on what was once known as Platform Girls, but this girl decided it was time for a new look.

After a recent poll conducted on Facebook, I decided it was time to give this blog a new name.

I came up with the name by just playing around with different video game terminology. For some reason, I looked at my controller next to me and thought about buttons... X? Then I noticed there was a Y right next to it. Just like chromosomes! (I don't know how that thought made its way into my head, I'm in a botany class right now, not biology.) Then it hit me: what about two X's, the chromosome's for women? From there, Press X Twice was born! See what I did there?

In other news, Martha Stewart has ruined my Facebook game.

She wants to have some sort of Easter feast or something... Oh, goodness.

Anyways, what do you think about the changes? Let me know in the comments below.

Yours truly, HavokRose


  1. I Like it is clean and easy to read!!

  2. Loving the new look! Darn Martha Stewart, that's no a "good thing".