A new type of console has been proposed to the gaming comminuty that promises a platform that will encourage development and free-to-play games. For $99 in March, you could get your hands on the OUYA (ooh- ya) console, controller with a touch screen with all the typical fixings, and of free-to-play games on launch day.

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The idea behing this console came from the easily developed and sold games that we currently get on our smartphones and tablets. However, they want to bring those talented developers behind these simple games back to our living rooms. The OUYA is meant to be a simple platform that nearly anyone can develop for and sell their games.

It will run on an Android program and is 100 percent hackable - one of the biggest selling points of this new machine. They chose Android because a majority of developers already know how to develop programs for this system.

An open indie market? I like the sound of that, especially if these games will be sold for lower prices than what we pay for a typical Xbox 360 or PS3 game. Since the developers won't be paying for a lot of publishing costs and they will be sold online, the games should be substancially cheaper. I think this is going to be a great platform to support the small developer who is just getting their feet off the ground.

However, in order for them to move out of the prototype phase and into the production, they are calling to us gamers and developers for funding - and they are definitely rewarding us. Depending on how much you donate, you can get your username reserved, the acutal console with your name engraved on it, or an invitation to the fancy launch party.

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On Kickstarter, they set their goal for $950,000 with the last day to donate on August 9. Right now, they have more than surpassed their goal with 29 days left - I don't think they need to wait till August to get started. I'm contributing $10 to get my username reserved, but I'll wait till March to purchase to console.

What do you think? Will you be donating?

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P.S. If you want more information on the OUYA, visit their Kickstarter page which includes more pictures and a video.


  1. I love the idea but it sounds like to me if we were to compare the gaming consoles to computers, this is sort like the Linux OS compare to Windows & Apple. I like that they want users to make it their own through software & releasing games but if users are allow to hack the hardware this will lead to bootleging games. This will lead to some trouble for them and users. If they don't allow to full hacks to the hardware/software of the device then it kind defeats the purpose, no?

    Since it's on Android would other Android system will be able to run those same games, would they need the controller, can Android games be played on this system, what pc games can be played on it, would games that need a keyboard be able to be played on this, what version of the Os will it run and would we have to do Os updates?

    Another thing I thought is how much would the hardware affect the video games? Such as fps, graphics, etc.

    What about OnLive? sounds like it except no hardware/software interaction with the users

    [:< I'll support though.. I wanna see how it goes.

  2. I loved you comparison of Linux to Windows and Apple. I think this is something like that, but the big difference is I think this is going to be something that more people will understand and will be easily accessible.

    As for the hacking, I think many people agree it'll make online games a pain in the butt, but it also opens new opportunities for people to create their own gaming experience.

    All great questions, we'll just have to see what they put on the table!