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In 2012 our world survived one of the many predicted apocalypses, Master Chief woke up and we gamers were given beautiful new titles like Dishonored and Journey to satisfy our anti-sequal appetites.

During the final days of last year and the beginning days of 2013, video game websites and magazines have taken time to reflect on the video game accomplishments of 2012. Ultimately, they end their analysis by honoring a single title the Game of the Year award.

Here' s who won this year:

IGN - Journey
GameSpot - Journey
Nick.com - Power Rangers Samurai: Super Samurai ... :)
GamesRadar - The Walking Dead
Spike TV's VGAs - The Walking Dead
Edge - Dishonored
Kotaku - XCOM: Enemy Unknown
X-Play - Borderlands 2
Game Informer - Mass Effect 3

As it is with almost every year, no one game ever stands on top of all the lists. For us gamers, that's a good thing. It means that while we wait for the big games of 2013 to be released, we have a nice list of games to play that are guaranteed to satisfy.

Dishonored cover via Wikipedia
Although I have not had the opportunity to play all the fantastic games that were released this year, I can confidently declare Dishonored as my Game of the Year. It was the first game that after I had completed the campaign, I immediately wanted to play it all over again. Oh the choices! The moral conflicts, hidden items, objectives and side quests beckon you to play the levels over and over.

I've played other stealth games such as Assassin's Creed, but there was something special about having the option to engage the target in combat, murdering him in the shadows or knocking him out and disposing  him in a nonlethal way that drew me in.

Sure, there were some glitches because no game is  perfect, but ultimately Dishonored was the best game I played all year and has earned a place on my favorites list.

If I had the opportunity to play Journey or The Walking Dead, maybe my choice would be different. Too bad I don't have all the time or money to invest in these award-winning games. Time to wait for the markdowns.

What was your Game of the Year?

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