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I am the worst compulsive buyer, especially if the product is video game related. I've had reoccurring dreams of stumbling into shops with piles of The Legend of Zelda and Sailor Moon gear, in which I purchase just about everything in the store. Today, one of the many geek newsletters I follow posted a picture of this:

I absolutely love Adventure Time, and even more so, Link! This is a design for a shirt from TeeFury.com and it was practically screaming my name. So, naturally, I bought it. That was the fastest $10 I've seen fly out of my pocket in quite a long time. And I don't think it will be the last.

TeeFury has a unique way of operating business. For one, it only has a single t-shirt for sale, but each day it changes. Once the day is over, the shirt design is no longer offered. The designs can be an artistic rendition of just about anything in pop-culture or a unique art concept. The shirt is only $10, no sales tax with four different levels of shipping starting as low as $2.50. So, for only $12.50, you can walk around your home/park/office/spy base/campus and flaunt a unique shirt that only you and only a few  people own.

Another marvelous feature of this website is it promotes the artists who design the shirts. According to the TeeFury website, the artists are given $1 for every shirt of their's that is sold and they keep all rights to their design. So, if they decide to sell their design elsewhere for a more expensive price, they may do so. Also, each artist has a small profile next to their designs that gives consumers an insight to the inspiration for the design and the artists.

If you are ready to get your hands on some awesomely cheap apparel, keep up with the TeeFury website, or watch this website to see what other awesome video game related shirts they post. I promise to keep an eye out for you!

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  1. Looks like a new place for gift shopping