Everyday Video Game: Pac-Man

Video game merchandise has evolved past the simple t-shirt, poster, or figurine. It has become an entire industry that allows us to bake with Pac-Man oven mitts and cuddle with Pikachu Pillow Pets. Every week I plan on featuring awesome video game merchandise that can be used in everyday life. Why stop enjoying the characters we love when we turn off the television?

This week's theme is Pac-Man!

Now we finally get to know the gratification Pac-Man feels when chomping on Pinky, Inky, and Blinky and Clyde's redish-orange lovechild. You can find these cookie cutters at fredflare.com on-sale for $9.99! 

Careful now, you wouldn't want to burn your precious gaming hands while trying to pull that scorching hot pan out of the oven! Keep your babies safe with this nifty Pac-Man 'Potholder'.

Although it would be more appropriately called an oven mitt - who is really going to grab a pot with this - it works on your ovenware all the same! Thinkgeek.com is offering this novelty item for $14.99.

For any situation, a true gamer knows to be prepared for the worst.

 Keep an extra potion on hand, a spare fairy in your last bottle, or maybe a pack of Pac-Man bandaids in your back pocket. You know, just in case you burn yourself. Your training from Cooking Mama never got this serious. But don't worry, our people over at fredflare.com have got us covered for $9.50.

Happy baking!

Have you seen any interesting items? Let me know!

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