Everyday Video Game: Mario

I apologize for the late post, but this particular entry required some groundwork. 

Perhaps one most merchandised character on the market, right next to Mickey Mouse and Spongebob, is Mario. At any given time one can find Mario products at nearly any major retailer. From clothes to bedding, Mario is everywhere. 

This past Halloween there were so many different Mario costumes on the market, practically everyone in the family could have dressed up as the plump plumber. 

Party City has kept these costumes at their original price, ranging from $19.99 - $49.99. In the summer, some of these costumes may go on sale. 

For those who simply can't wait till Halloween, head over to your local Target. That's right, Target. In my last 'Everyday Video Game,' I presented different Pac-Man products that stray from the norm. Although those items were unique, they were not available in the same place you purchase makeup or bedding. What sets the Mario merchandise apart is its availability. Target had over thirty Mario products in their store.   

One of the easiest places to find Mario in a department store, aside from the electronics section, is in the boy's, junior's or men's section. Here is what Target had to offer.

This was the only shirt left in the Boy's section for $8.99, although I did see price tags for other styles available. In the Men's section, there were quite a few more options for only a dollar more at $9.99. 

If you were wanting something more than a T-shirt, here's a little something extra. You may not fit in them though. The 3 piece Mario pajama set is  $16.99 and the swim trunks are $14.99. 

Alright, enough with the clothes. Practically every major video game has a basic t-shirt. But how many of those characters can boast about their face on a fruit snack? Chomp down on some Mario fruit snacks for only $2.04. 

Nintendo didn't stop there. They put Mario and his co-stars on collectable racers ($3.99), a backpack ($17.49), a micro blanket, ($24.99), in a cartoon ($5.99), a 'cuddle' plush ($19.99)  and in K'nex Mario Kart themed building sets and karts (2.99 - $54.99). Once again, all of these products are available at Target. 

If these items weren't enough to satisfy your Mario craving, check out Walmart, HotTopic, JCPenny and Kohl's for even more Mario related apparel, bedding and novelties. 

Do you think all these Mario products make Nintendo a sellout, or are these products fun ways to make Mario a household name? Let me know what you think! 

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  1. I think Mario is a video game icon and that's why you see him everywhere. Mario has evolved with technology from a very simple character in a very simple video game to a something with a personality and a whole world of his own. Also, most of the merchandise is heard towards kids whose parents played the original Mario game so it's is something they can relate to and share it with their kids. I think of Mario as a "gateway game" . It's pretty innocent but the kids playing eventually move on to more complex/mature games.

    1. I've read plenty of articles that depict Mario as a household name, like Micky Mouse and other famous characters. I completely agree!

    2. I agree. Mario is, as some say, where the video game industry evolutionized. It was simple, yet bold game that was enjoyed by any video game enthusiast. Its originality and family acceptance, I think, is what makes it such a huge icon. Plus of its AMAZING MUSIC :D