EA Conference - E3 2012

The first thing I want from this conference is The Sims. When I think EA, The Sims is the first thing that comes to mind. I played that game on my computer as a child well into my teenage years. Returning to that series would be awesome.

Dead Space. EA started with DeadSpace 3, and I was just about ready to run from the room. If there there is one thing that really scares me, its aliens. I don't mean aliens like the cute Grunts in Halo, I mean like the big baddies in Aliens.

Thankfully, the trailer hardly showed any of the gruesome creatures, but it did reveal something else: Co-op! Who doesn't love Co-op? Especially if it's a simple drop-in and drop-out format. With this addition, maybe I could handle the horrifying world of Dead Space. Just maybe.

Everyone was just bringing in surprise guests today. In order to talk more about the upcoming Madden game, EA brought in NFL's Hall of Famer, Michael Oher.

Then, it was time for a Maxis presentation. I was so happy - then they announced it was a game for Facebook. That shrunk my excitement down to the size of a pea. In a way, it makes sense that they are finally releasing the SimsCity Social for Facebook.

Facebook is a great place for simulation games, such as FarmVille and CastleVille, so it was only a matter of time before Maxis brought it's original creation to Facebookers. In addition, they announced another SimsCity for PCs that would include a multiplayer feature.

In addition to these three games, EA announced and presented the following games:

My favorite part of this conference was when Criterion Games' Executive Producer Matt Webster ended his presentation with "God save the queen." So British. 

Did anything from EA's conference impress you?

To watch EA's Conference, click here.

Tune in tomorrow for a report on Ubisoft and Sony's conferences! 

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