Sony's Conference - E3 2012

Sony didn't open their conference with one game, but with dozens. They utilized their multiscreen stage to it's full potential, while presenting a montage of games that will come to Sony systems.

The first person to take the stage was Jack Tretton, Sony of America's President and CEO. Of course he talked about the industry, where the show could be watched and also payed homage to the loyal Sony's gamers. After a little bragging about Sony's hardware, Trentton handed the reigns over to Quantic Dream's David Cage.

This is where the show really begins. Cage wasted no time when presenting Quantic Dream's new IP, Beyond: Two Souls. This PS3 exclusive is a game that explores the life of a girl who can see the dead. The way Cage describes the project makes it sound more like a movie than a video game. Jody Holmes, the main character of Beyond: Two Souls, is to be played by Ellen Page. So if you've ever wanted to run around in a virtual world as Ellen Page who can control a ghost, your game has arrived. 

The trailer looks fantastic, but until we get some more gameplay and details I can't say I'm sold yet. 

Here are the other games Sony presented: 
(P = Playstation Exclusive) (V = Vita ) (M = Playstation Move) (W = Wonderbook)

New Features and Hardware: 
  • Little Big Planet 2 Cross-Play - Play and save Little Big Planet 2 on your vita and resume on you PS3. 
  • PS1 Classics for Vita 
  • Crackle Television and Hulu Plus will be added to Vita 
  • Wonderbook - An interactive book that uses the Playstation Eye camera to bring books to life.
  • PlayStation Mobile - Sony games on tablets and smartphones 

The Sony conference always has too much bragging. You can't go two minutes without Tretton saying something about how great Sony is or how exclusive something is. It get's a little old. (I still prefer him over the Ubisoft hosts.) Another thing I didn't like about this year's conference was the lengthy montage at the very beginning. Like some of there demos, it was too drawn-out and I got bored. Sometimes shorter is sweeter.

Sony's conference also had a lot of great features. This year, they presented two new items that do a fantastic job of bridging the game industry to both the film and print industry. Also, they are the only ones that allowed non-industry fans into their conference. In addition, they pulled an Oprah and gave all attendees one year free to PlayStation Plus.

To watch the conference for yourself, click here.

What did you think about Sony's conference?

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